Horticultural Solutions

Trust our expertise in horticultural systems.

Horticultural electrical systems require special expertise, and Langendoen Electric has the experience necessary to install your system from road to receptacle. We supply, sell, service and install complete electrical systems for greenhouses, both new construction and renovations.


  • Main service installations 100amp-2000 amp services
  • Computer control systems Argus, Priva and Link 4
  • Allowing complete control of Temperature, Humidity, Irrigation and HID Lighting Systems
  • Interface cabinets for computer control systems
  • Networks for wired and wireless applications
  • Energy monitoring of gas and electricity
  • Backup generator and automatic transfer electrical systems
  • Office and warehouse wiring and electrical systems install
  • HID lighting and installation
  • HAF fans for a complete air circulation system


  • Main service installations 100amp-2000 amp services
  • Irrigation pumps, variable drives for irrigation pumps
  • Wireless field irrigation systems
  • Control systems for heated poly houses and perennial greenhouses
  • Wireless internet solutions for office orders to field operations

Green Energy Systems

  • Complete solar installations from Micro fit to large fit
  • Net metering using solar installations and cogeneration systems